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After a long days shop from Shibuya we made our way back to the hotel, collected our things and made our way to Akihabara. We decided we would try to see as much as we could within the little time that we had in Japan. Although the sun was beaming harshly onto our backs we...
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I never got to finish documenting my travel to Japan, so as I slowly get back into writing again I’ll slowly finish my journey on paper here! After the view from Tokyo tower we had plenty of time left in the day for another spot. It was around lunch time already by the time we...
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Tokyo Tower

After our morning walk around the area of Akasaka where we stayed the night, we decided to venture further around. Thinking about our next big place to visit, Tokyo Tower was one to cross off the list. With that in mind we decided to make most of our day and do as much as we...
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