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Carrot Cake Recipe

Happy birthday to me! Another year, another day and only a few more months! Sooner or later it’ll be a bit busier in the next few months. I’ve been in a nesting stage.., and in preparation to getting our little one here I’ve been making one too many crafts! Surprise giveaway! So, I’ve decided to...
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Fudge Brownies

Chocolate! Fudge! More Chocolate!~ Baked goodness! Delicious! Brownies! Chocolate has it’s health benefits, in moderation of course! If you’re looking for some chewy, fudgy yet crisp brownies. This will be the recipe that you’ll need to try! Home economics was a wonderful course to take in high school. I will always remember making brownies with...
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Nikujaga – Potato Stew

A couple of months ago I was hosting two 14-15 year old students Japanese students during a two week long English summer program. The lovely girls were from Fukuoka. While staying with us, life went on as normal. They were here to improve their English and experience what living in New Zealand was like. During...
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