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Amigurumi – Monkey

This cute little guy went to America. I took the time to make it for my cousin who I see as an older sister. I hope she likes the little guy as much as I did! I didn’t want to part from him, but it’s okay. I can always make another one~While making this cutie, it helped challenge me in getting a few of the stitches correctly. I would say if you know your way around making amigurumi’s, it would be easy to follow for the rest of the body, however the trouble would be the stitching around the face. It took me a bit to make sure I was on the right line. Although I’ve been crocheting for a while, I would say I still need a lot of improvements before it gets to being called professional.

This cute pattern came from Stephanie, which can be found here. She has the most adorable crochet patterns. Go and check her out for all the wonderful cuties that she’s made. I would highly recommend it!


This little cutie was made with acylic yarn, 8ply in brown, tan, and yellow. I used a 3mm crochet hook and used 9mm eyes. Embroidery thread in brown and pink was used. Pink felt was used for the lining of the inner ears. I also used pipe cleaners for the tail. I didn’t have any other wires, however, they did the job just as well as other wires.


Once I got to the banana, I ran out of brown yarn, and embroidery thread, so I left the steam off. Hey, it still looks just as cute!


Head over to Stephanie’s pattern and make your own little guy today!

Much love, xo.

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