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Amigurumi – Rabbit

Do you love rabbits? Do you enjoy making cute little dolls!? Do you enjoy crochet work!? I do! And if you do, you’d love this pattern. I found this cutie through Ravelry. The pattern is free to registered users. The pattern can be found here. While making this little cutie I found it easy to understand. For those who are just beginning, I would say the foot is a bit complicated to understand, but once you get the hang of crochet work, you’ll get it just fine.

The pattern was nice and easy. I did find myself making a few mistakes with the foot, but once I got one done, I was able to understand how to do the next one without any problems. The pattern does have a few pieces that makes this bunny, there were a few that I skipped out on making, and I didn’t make the bag yet, but I’ll eventually complete it! I decided I didn’t want to give him a hat. I think you can decide on what you want for your rabbit. Give it a try and make one yourself today!

bunny3The pattern didn’t have any other facial features to it, so I added a few myself! I included a ribbon with a bell instead of the bow that you can make with the pattern.  Just look at this cute tail! It all just fits so well! In the end, I decided to give this little guy a nose and some blush for it’s cheeks!

The possibilities are endless!


Any questions? Feel free to comment below. Don’t wait! Make one yourself today!

Much love, xo.

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