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Japan – Day 1 – Akasaka

For our honeymoon/ vacation my husband and I decided to start our big journey with Japan! We had no itinerary planned for the trip, we bought our plane tickets and went from there. The only planned thing was two nights at a hotel to recover from the jet lag and for a good night’s rest. Everything else including the next two weeks of places to stay, what to do, and where to eat were left blank.

Our flight from Auckland, New Zealand left at 8:45am Saturday Sept 3 and arrived in Narita, Japan at 4:30pm Saturday Sept 3. The flight with Air New Zealand was wonderful! Of all the flying that I have done for long distances, I have to say that the best air lines that I have enjoyed flying with is, Air New Zealand and Delta air lines. Just because of personal experiences.

During our flight to Japan one of the flight attendants surprised my husband and I with some champagne to celebrate our honeymoon/trip to Japan!  It definitely helped us kick start our vacation/honeymoon! Thank you again for the kind gesture. Airplane food wasn’t too bad, the flavors were all there. I mean look at it.


After customs we made our way through to the post office to pick up our pocket Wi-Fi. Why? Because when traveling in Japan pocket Wi-Fi is your best friend. My husband had ordered one for us to rent for the time in Japan. Trust me, you will not regret it. Plus, it wasn’t too expensive for unlimited data for the time that we were there for.

Being extreme beginners in Japanese, plus not knowing how to even read Japanese!! We walked around in circles for a while before we got to the post office. After grabbing our pocket Wi-Fi, we finally opened our handy GPS application and made our way to the Narita subway. Once we stepped foot out of the air conditioned airport, we felt the hot, steamy, and humidity hit us. Boy was it extremely humid. We haven’t even stepped foot out of the airport yet and we can already feel the sweat starting to form on our foreheads! We were prepared for summer, but we weren’t prepared for this humidity.  We quickly made our way to the train station in the beaming heat. Once we got to the station, we didn’t take the Narita express to Tokyo. Instead we took the local train to Ueno station, switched trains at Ueno station, and made way to Akasaka.


We both got Suica cards at the train station and put about ¥5‎,000 yen into each cards. Our ride from Narita to Akasaka on the local train only cost about ¥1000 something. Once we made it to our train, the view of the passing cities flashed by as we reached Ueno station. By the time we got there it was already dark. We quickly made our way out of the station and moved onto the connecting station for Akasaka. We’ve been using Google Maps to help guide us for metro transits. However, we noticed that Google Maps was only good for helping us catch connecting trains, buses, etc. While Maps from Apple was great for navigation while moving around on foot.

It was annoying trying to move between the two different apps. We often went in the wrong direction when we used Google Maps to navigate on foot and making sure it was truly facing north on the campus. We were both hungry, tired, extremely sweating our heads off, and angry at each other because we didn’t know where we were going. It wasn’t until we opened Maps by Apple that it finally led us in the direction of our hotel.

By the time we got to our hotel, it was around 9:45pm or maybe it was already 10pm? We lost track. We had reserved two nights at the Super Hotel Lohas. We were greeted with the utmost manner. We knew it was customary for the Japanese, but it never really clicked into our minds that we were in Japan until that moment. We quickly checked in, grabbed our yukatas, and pillows before going to our rooms. We finally unwound ourselves from our luggage and cleaned up before finding something to eat.

The nightlife was extremely lively. There were plenty of places to eat at and plenty of drunk people walking around trying to get their last meal in. Since we were already jet lagged and tired we weren’t too fussed about what to have, and decided to go with some simple ramen dish. It was simple and delicious, after our meal we went back to the hotel and crashed.


During the whole trip my husband didn’t let me worry about navigating to where I wanted to go, or the small annoying details of finding where to stay, and many more. I was told to only worry about picking a destination and choosing what I wanted to do while we were there. That was it! He didn’t mind that most of the trip was to areas where I wanted to go, and he didn’t mind that I was only doing what I wanted. Don’t worry! Throughout the whole trip I have asked him over, and over, in regards to what he wanted to do. And I have told him that if there was something he wanted to do, I was more than happy to do that as well. But every single time I asked him that, he said he was happy with what I wanted to do. A majority of the places that we went to were

There were moments where we were at each others throats and wanted to pull each others eyes out, but it didn’t happen. We worked it out and I’m extremely grateful for him and for how long he can tolerate me for. Even I can’t tolerate myself sometimes!

Until the next entry.


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All photos taken with Fujifilm X100T, September 2016.

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